Monday, October 31, 2011

Tariqa Aamiria

Hadrath Aamir Kaleemi Shah
Silsila - e - Aamiria is one of the foremost sufi tariqas in south India especially in Chennai and Bangalore, named after Shaykh Hadrath Syed Muhammad Umar Aamir Kaleemi Shah Noori Chisti ul Qadri damatbarkatahum.  The Tariqa is based in Chennai and linked to Hadrath Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chisti (RA) of Ajmer and Hadrath Ghouse e Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jilani (RA). Refer to shijrah for details.  Hence the Tariqa is Chisti ul Qadri.
Hadrath has ijaza from the noted sufi master from Hyderabad Hadrath Ahmed Mohiyuddin Noori Shah (RA), one of the principal disciple of Hadrath Ghousi Shah (RA) (1893 - 1954). The tariqa identifies itself with the most authentic teachings of the Quran and Sunnah and the Sunnah of the Salaf us saliheen.

Hadrath Noori Shah
Hadrath Ghousi Shah
Hadrath Qibla has authored Mehve Sujood which is a poetic book of Tasawwuf containing Hamd, Naat, Manqabat and Rubaiyat. A great scholar well versed in Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Fiqh, Hadith and a great intrepreter of the Holy Quran, he is rightly called Shams ul Mufassireen. He is also called Sultan ul Aarifeen for his teachings about the tawheed (oneness of Allah). An upholder of sunnah of the beloved prophet (SAWS) and the blessed companions (RA), he is a strict adherent of the sharia. His unique style of preaching leaves a great impact on the listeners. Its no wonder why there are numerous ulema who are under his Bai'yah. His extreme humbleness in his affairs are remniscent of the character of the salaf us saaliheen.
He ensures that Halqas of Dhikr are being carried out regularly by his Khulafas in their respective areas / neighbourhoods so that all his followers are given adequate knowledge in Tafseer, Hadith and Fiqh. 
Those who enter this tariqa through the Bai'yah are immediately given talqeen where they are briefed about the purpose of the Bai'yah which forms the purpose of their life thereafter. Mureeds are provided with the daily Dhikr along with wazaif and are constantly reminded about the importance of Salaah with congregation, the sunnah of the prophet  (SAWS) and his companions (RA) and mandatorily practice it in their lives. 
They are then trained in all the three levels of Deen - Islam, Iman and Ihsaan. Holy Quran says that only those who are pure or purify themselves can achieve falah. Man is to purify the negative base desires of his nafs, or inner soul, if he is to achieve this contentment. The Mureed is taken through various stages of Tazkiya tun Nafs (Purification of the Soul). 
Hadrath Qibla has granted Khilafa to many of his mureeds the foremost being his eldest son Hadrath Syed Muhammad Raza ul Haq Aleemi Shah Aamiri, a scholar par excellence whose understanding of the ma'rifah is matchless whose teachings will be posted later in this blog InshaAllah. Hadrath Qadeer Ahmed Shah Ada ul Aamiri is yet another outstanding Khalifa of hadrath qibla in Bangalore, Karnataka, whose contribution to the muslim ummah through his madrasa Al Jamiahtun Nooria is commendable. An outstanding scholar and a visionary who strives day and night for the sunniyat, he is also the convenor of ru'yat e hilal comitte in Bangalore and member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board in Karnataka.
In the susequent posts, InshaAllah we will take up the teachings of this great tariqa, the life and times of the sufi masters in the genealogy, Khulafa of Aamiria and general topics.


  1. I will try to meet him this ALLAHO, i love my life for giving me a chance to meet him, i am in regular touch with shah saheb one of his khadim who is in bangalore, Insha allah i will meet him this allaho

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